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On 27 September, PneuTrac was the protagonist of an entire training day that demonstrated the advantages it can offer to specialized professional agriculture. The event was held in collaboration with New Holland Agriculture at the CNH Industrial Village in Turin, Italy, with the participation of the international jury of the Tractor of the Year® award.

The demonstration is part of Trelleborg Wheels Systems' new roadshow format. Several stages of the global roadshow will promote Trelleborg's agricultural innovations in the coming months, including digital products and tools.

Lorenzo Ciferri, VP Marketing & Communications at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, commented: “We are extremely proud that New Holland Agriculture has selected Trelleborg's PneuTrac for the new range of T4 Specialty tractors for advanced specialist applications. We are confident that our PneuTrac solution will be a key differentiator for the new T4 Specialty range for vineyards and orchards. "

The PneuTrac is a hybrid solution that combines the advantages of a radial agricultural tire in terms of efficiency, comfort and maneuverability, with the footprint and traction advantages typical of the track. It offers unbeatable performance in both steep and muddy soils, reducing stress on the roots while ensuring healthy crops and better yields. In addition, in road applications, the hybrid nature of the PneuTrac ensures safety, maneuverability, comfort and fuel consumption performance in line with a modern radial tire.

During the training day, an innovative test had the ambitious goal of measuring soil compaction not only on the surface of the soil but also deeper where the roots develop and receive nutrients. A digital sensor mat, positioned about 10 centimeters deep in the ground and connected to a monitor, allowed the participants to observe the reduced specific distribution of pressure within the ground obtained thanks to PneuTrac.

The test showed that with PneuTrac soil compaction at a depth of 10 centimeters is reduced by 30% compared to that of a tire of a corresponding size. In addition, 15% higher traction and excellent stability on steep slopes were found, while the number of dangerous specific pressure peaks on the ground was reduced by more than 60%, preserving the soil structure.

The PneuTrac contains the best features of Trelleborg agricultural tires, as well as a new sidewall that adopts Galileo Wheel Ltd's CupWheel technology. extra-large, as well as very low soil compaction. This design allows the tread to work at 100% of its potential efficiency.

ProgressiveTractionTM tread technology increases traction, while intercostal pads improve the tire's self-cleaning ability. For example, the roots of vines are incredibly valuable and at high risk of damage. As with conventional farming, the soil surface must be protected and machine slippage could be disastrous for both the soil and the roots.

Ciferri continues: “[...]. Two years of intense field tests were conducted with leading Italian and French producers including Frescobaldi, Ferry Lacombe, Mazzei, Banfi, Marramiero and Pellicani.

“In addition, the PneuTrac has been selected by numerous independent institutes, universities and specialist editors to participate in testing and research initiatives. The user feedback along with the studies and research results exceeded any initial expectations and accelerated the introduction of the product to market.

"We firmly believe that PneuTrac is a challenge that changes innovation and that once again demonstrates our commitment to sustainable agriculture, helping to protect some of our most precious agricultural assets."

Professional farmers and winegrowers can choose Trelleborg's PneuTrac when setting up the new T4 N / F / LP range, in the PneuTrac VF480 / 65R28 and VF280 / 70R18 sizes.

Trelleborg and New Holland Agriculture are working closely on several joint development initiatives to extend the PneuTrac line offering to additional tractor sizes and ranges.